• Noche de Teatro n°8 (India)



    La Noche de teatro n°8 tuvo lugar el 14 de febrero 2015 en la comunidad indígena santalí de Borotalpada. Participaron artistas provenientes de Cuba, Francia, India y Mexico. En esta octava edición, el dispositivo fue más intimo para favorecer los encuentros entre los espectadores llegando desde Calcuta, los espectadores de la comunidad y los artistas involucrados, del aérea tanto como de otros lugares.  

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    Night of Theatre n°8


    Jean-Frédéric Chevallier - Salkhan & Chintamoni Hansda - Piru Hembrom

    Alejandro Orozco William Ruiz Morales - Pini Soren Laura Treto González

         R/T Poetry 4 (in Cuba)   R/T Poetry 4 (in Cuba)    Noche de Teatro / Night of Theatre / Nuit du Théâtre # 07 





    Nuit du Théâtre n°8

    [Village tribal de Borotalpada, Bengal Occidental, Inde]

    La prochaine Nuit du Théâtre a eu lieu le 14 février 2015 dans le village tribal de Borotalpada. Y participèrent des artistes de Cuba, de France, d'Inde et du Mexique. Pour cette huitième édition, le dispositif était volontairement plus intime de sorte de favoriser les rencontres entre les spectateurs citadins (venus de Calcutta et d'ailleurs), les spectateurs villageois (venus de la zone tribale) et les artistes. 

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    Night of Theatre n°8

    [Tribal village of Borotalpada, West Bengal, India]

    The 8th edition of the Night of Theatre was held on 14th February 2015 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santal tribal village of Borotalpada (West Midnapore, West Bengal, India). Artists from Cuba, France, Mexico and India rehearsed together with tribal performers to build a stage work, an art exhibition or a music program that they showcased during the event. For the 8th edition, a smaller number of guests audience from Kolkata was received so to favour exchange with the villagers.

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     7th Night of TheatreThe 7th edition of the Night of Theatre took place on 15th February 2014 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre. Artists from Paris, Bogotá, Kolkata, Mexico city and Borotalpada village presented outside the Centre theatre, dance and music performances as well as an experimental film. Two of these stage works were the result of a 12 day rehearsals process together with 15 villagers. Journalist Mohua Das reported the event for The Telegraph: “There was something magical about making one’s way through the backwoods with torchlights and settling down on the ground under the open skies, feeling the caress of a wintry breeze and watching performances in the dark — imaginative and untamed."  

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     6th Night of TheatreThe Sixth Night of Theatre was held in West Bengal, Indiaon 9th February 2013, at the Cultural Centre that Trimukhi Platform has been building in the Santal village of Borotalpada. It involved theatre, dance, music, installation, photo exhibition and a video projection. Artists from India, Europe and Latin America were rehearsing together with painters, photographers, dancers, musicians and actors from the tribal area to prepare the 12 works to be shared in situ during the night long festival. 


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    Fifth Night of TheatreAs a first activity in  the Cultural Centre in construction, Trimukhi Platform in collaboration with Proyecto 3 (Mexico), MACE (India), CONACULTA (Mexico) and Teatro Ojo (Mexico) has organised on 25th February 2012 in the compound of the building in process the Fifth Night of Theatre: a night long program with stage works performed by groups composed with artists from different social worlds and geographic continents. It was a way to show that it is possible to bring up a project of high quality art creation among those who normally cannot access as spectators and as makers such a kind of professional platform.

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    Fourth Night of TheatreProduced by the National Mexican Fund for Art and Culture and the National University of Mexico, organized by Proyecto 3, with the collaboration of Trimukhi Platform the Fourth Night of Theatre took place on 5th September 2009 in Teatro UNAM, Mexico City, from 7 pm to 7 am. It was the première of 4 stage works by Rubén Ortiz (Mexico), Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Matthieu Mével (France, Italy, India), Víctor Viviescas (Colombia), Joseph Danan (France). Between each theatre play, a musical performance was proposed by Rogelio Sosa (Mexico).

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